Power of Seven – Earn 22.4 BTC !

Welcome to 2×5 GLOBALHELP Matrix !

Use the power of 7 accounts to archieve 22.4 BTC !

Look at the matrix, it´s 2×5 and really fast.

HOW to get 22.4 BTC :

Join here : 2×5 GLOBALHELP

Open an account like this :

Username : yourname+1
Email-Address : youremail+1@yourprovider.com

Upgrade this account to lvl 1 for 0.00044 BTC.

When your payment is confirmed, user your own REF-Link
to create 6 more accounts like this :

Username                                     Email

yourname+2                                 youremail+2@yourprovider.com
yourname+3                                 youremail+3@yourprovider.com
yourname+4                                 youremail+4@yourprovider.com
yourname+5                                 youremail+5@yourprovider.com
yourname+6                                 youremail+6@yourprovider.com
yourname+7                                 youremail+7@yourprovider.com

After creating this 7 Accounts, you have to contact the
admin. Send him 0.0158 BTC and he will upgrade all 7 accounts to lvl 3.

With this procedure you will safe the transaction fees.

Join this Facebook-Chat for more info and to contact the admins :

Power Of Seven Info

Contact Kamran Baig in the Chatroom.


If you have any questions, contact me please.

MyBTCLife.com 2×4 Matrix


Vor einigen Tagen ist eine Bitcoin-Matrix mit sehr großem Potential gestartet.

Hier kannst Du aus kleinen 0.003 BTC ganze 1.026 BTC machen und brauchst NUR 30 Refferals.
Cool oder ? So siehts aus :


Und das ist die Matrix :


Ziemlich Cool. Sollte eigentlich recht zügig gehen mit den Refs.

Meldet euch jetzt an und werdet Teil eines wunderbaren Teams !



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